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I am an Associate Professor in the Networks and Computer Science department of Télécom Paris, and member of the LTCI (Laboratoire Traitement et Communication de l’Information). My office is room 4D45 (floor 4, D aisle).

You can check my publications and some documents I share.

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Before choosing an appropriate electronic format, please read this text. I will not read emails containing documents in a proprietary format.

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Please try as much as possible not to send me paper documents, unless there is no other choice. Those documents will be assigned the lowest priority.

  • Samuel Tardieu
  • Télécom Paris
  • 19, place Marguerite Perey
  • 91120 Palaiseau
  • France
  • Phone number available on request


I don’t like having pictures of myself associated with my name on the Internet. Hence, here is a photo which is definitely not me, despite what search engines may think or how the image itself is labeled.

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