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Factor XBee low-level library

Factor-XBee is a low-level library allowing to use XBee and XBee-Pro modules from the Factor programming language.

Getting Factor-XBee

You can get the current development version of Factor-XBee using git:
git clone
This will create a factor-xbee directory in which you will be able to record your own changes. You can also browse the Factor-XBee repository on GitHub.

Contributing to Factor-XBee

Reporting bugs and asking for features

If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature, you might consider adding a new issue. The more precise you will be in your description, the more useful it will be.

Submitting patches

Patches are gladly accepted from their original author. Along with any patches, please state that the patch is your original work and that you license the work to the Factor-XBee project under a license compatible with the current one (BSD license).

To propose a patch, you may fork the Factor-XBee repository on GitHub, and issue a pull request. You may also send patches and pull requests by email.