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Sorry about that!


You might have notice that the feeds for this blog have been acting quite strangely for the last 12 hours. The reason is that I have switched my site from WML (for the static part) and Wordpress (for the dynamic part) to Jekyll, and the feeds got quite errant when I got interrupted right in the middle of the process.

However, things should be much more stable now, and my files are now served statically. I still have a few pages to convert from my old compilation chain to the new one, but the site should be perfectly usable and all important URLs got preserved (or, at least, redirected to the new one).

The main reason behind the change is that WML is no longer maintained (the last release is from 2006) and Jekyll looked like a good potential replacement. Integrating my blog right within the same model was tempting (my posts are now maintained in Git with the rest of my files), so everything went into Jekyll.

Of course, if you notice anything unusual, do not hesitate to drop me a mail.

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