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The OVH-Google XMPP mess


Beware: trying to move your Jabber (XMPP) server from one host to another may result in your users not being able to reliably talk to users using Google Talk or Gmail chat. It looks like one way or the other Google caches the SRV records of your Jabber server and do not consult the DNS anymore afterwards.

It has been several weeks since I moved the ejabberd XMPP server for on a new host which kept the same name as the old one. However, connections with users are randomly working, while all the other domains my users interact with seem to have no problems at all. I have found several server administrators who experienced the same issue, and even read a suggestion to send an e-mail to the address which could supposedly solve the problem. The result? No answer, no working connection with users.

What is needed to get Google to reread the new DNS information?

Edit: I received an answer from Jonas, a software engineer at Google. It looks like they are having troubles linking with Jabber servers located on the OVH network (as is mine, and as Ploum also wrote in comments), and they have contacted OVH. In the meantime, I may try to add another port to my Jabber server, update the SRV record, and see if it brings me more luck.

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