Linux kernel driver for the Winbond 83697HF/HG watchdog


My device driver for the watchdog embedded in the Winbond 83697HF/HG SuperIO controller has been integrated into the forthcoming Linux 2.6.19 kernel. If you want to use it on a Dedibox dedicated server, you have to:

  • activate the option CONFIG_W83697HF_WDT in your kernel configuration file
  • load the module at boot time with parameter wdt_io=0x4e; creating /etc/modules.d/wdt with a single line options w83697hf_wdt wdt_io=0x4e and running update-modules should work on most Linux distributions
  • install a watchdog signaling program such as watchdog (sys-apps/watchdog in Gentoo portage tree) and run it at boot time

Then if your server gets stuck, whatever the cause, it will reboot automatically.

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