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Spread the word (and the software)


I have a friend who knew nothing about Free Software three years ago. When she acquired a laptop, Microsoft Windows came with it, and she used it. After some time, it became slower and slower and felt very slugish, at a point where watching DVDs on it was as pleasant as looking at the TV while letting a child play with the remote control.

She had spent a lot of time at my place, used my computer for mundane tasks, to read emails, to watch videos, to listen to music. One day, she called me for help; she wanted to get Ubuntu Linux installed on her laptop. When I asked her if she had a partitioning tool to configure her computer in dual boot mode (to get both Linux and Windows), she told me that she only needed Linux, with all the usual suspects (OpenOffice, Firefox, xmms, and mplayer).

She has been using Linux on her own for more than one year now. Not only she looks very happy with it, but also she recommends the use of Free Software to everyone.

Tonight, she was staying at one of her friends place when I saw her name turn green in my Jabber contact list (through her gmail account). We exchanged a few words, then she wrote: “I have to log out now, I’m about to install Firefox on my friend’s machine”.

One more bonus point. Why do I get the feeling that the word (and the software) is now spreading well?

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