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The resynthesizer miracle


Once in a while, I find a very good plugin for GIMP (the GNU image manipulation program). The last one I stumbled upon was the resynthesizer plugin.

With this plugin, you can create tileable textures, remap textures or remove objects from an image in a very easy way.

I have tested the latest feature (removing objects from an image) on two different images (credits to Nadine).

Removing a scratch from a girl’s skin

As you can see in the image below, this (otherwise gorgeous) friend of mine has an ugly scratch on her back:

If you select (very roughly) the scratch and ask for its removal using the resynthesizer plugin, it’s gone:

Yes, that’s it. It has been replaced by new skin automatically.

Removing a plane from the sky

I also tried it on a bigger image:

By very roughly selecting the plane, do you think it will be possible to remove it? Here is the result:

Impressive, eh? Out of curiosity, I made GIMP compute the difference between both images. Here is the result:

Yes, you can even use this plugin, after applying the right black and white threshold (1-255 is white, 0 is black), to get an alpha mask of the plane.

I hope that this plugin will be included in the next version of GIMP.

Oh, of course, GIMP and the resynthesizer plugin are both available as Free Software.

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