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Why you should register your own domain name


I have explained that to many people separately, so I will publish the reasons why you should register your own domain name and point people to this page.

I am always amazed to see people using email addresses such as They tie themselves voluntarily to their ISP while they have a choice. I know of several people reluctant to switch ISP because they would loose their former email address soon after they stop paying. They would be forced to change their email address everywhere it has been referenced, including in other people address books.

Using a free email service such as Gmail and giving away this address leads to the same problem. If for any reason Gmail disappears or starts billing for its services, people would be tied to it or would have to change their email address.

Getting a domain name is simple and not very expensive. For example, you can book your own domain name at BookMyName for 8.31EUR/year (VAT included). This is where I maintain my domain (you can choose simpler domain names of course, I just had no inspiration and picked the first one who came to mind, this probably shows my geeky side). For this price, you also get 10 free email redirections. There exist other registrars such as Gandi, where I initially created the domain. Gandi is more expensive than BookMyName but its interface is much more consistent and simpler to use. Pick the registrar you like, there are many of them.

Let’s say that you want the domain name and that you are named John Doe. You can book at BookMyName and set up a redirection from to your existing You always give people your address; they do not need to know that your messages will end up into your Gmail mailbox. And since today, you can even configure Gmail so that your email origin address appears as; this address will be used in your penpals address books if they record it automatically.

Let’s now assume that Gmail disappears or that Yahoo now offers better services. The only thing you need to do is modify your redirection at BookMyName so that mail sent to is now redirected to your new address. Noone but you needs to know about this change. People will continue using your address.

And what if BookMyName goes bankrupt? Nothing serious would happen, as another registrar would automatically pick up the administration of your domain. You would have to either setup the redirections on this new registrar, or transfer your domain to another one which offers redirection services.

Registrars also offer web redirection services. Just as you redirect your email to another address, you can redirect your web site to any place you want and change it at any time.

Get free, get your own domain name today.

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