What can you get from free software?


I described in another post how and why I wrote recoverjpeg, a program that recovers lost digital pictures on corrupted media. This software is totally free (both as in free beer and as in free speech); the only reward I counted on was to receive some excerpts of recovered pictures to illustrate the software’s web page. However, I received much more.

At this time, the return on investment for this software is:

  • around ten thousands of my own pictures that had been mistakenly erased (that alone would have been more than enough);
  • a bottle of champagne from a satisfied user (thank you Blaise);
  • two boxes of liquorice pepper candies from a satisfied user (thank you Phil);
  • a handful of very beautiful pictures from a satisfied user (thank you Volker);
  • a beer and a picture from a satisfied user (thank you Erwan).

And this is just the beginning. Not bad for 326 lines of code.

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